water album #2 on the petal (2019)

for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Percussion and hidden speakers (& w/ Cello, w/o Soprano version), 13 mins

Premiered – Eutopia Ensemble, Est Ovest Festival Castello di Rivoli, Torin, Italy, August 2018
Other Performance: Tak Ensemble, Delian Academy 2019, Mykonos, Greece, July 2019
Ensemble Recherche, Spotted: Hong KongEnsemblehaus Freiburg, January 2021

The subject of On the Petal theme is “return,” or back to the womb. It is inspired by the Tibetan Book of Death, which describes the intermediate state between death and rebirth. This piece will be a journey of seeking a mystical place, where altered reality and subconscious merge and become a flow of sound. The music can be subdivided into several layers. On the surface, the music presents as calm as stillness, but underneath there is great emotional vibration. Within this state of conflict, the propagation of obscure and ambiguous is carried on throughout the piece along with the transformation of the subtle spatial varieties. The relationships between the individual instruments and the ensemble are treated as a mirror, and the cracks on it, reflecting images from perfectly identical to distortion, metaphorize how memory altered after unbearable situation of mind.