The mist inside

for 15 musicians

2011, duration: 10′

Note: Ligeti Academy by the Asko|Schönberg


21-04-2011 Ligeti Academy, Kees van Baarenzaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium

09-04-2011  Ligeti Academy, Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden

06-04-2011 Ligeti Academy, Amsterdam Miziekgebouw

20-03-2011  Ligeti Academy, ACEC-Building Apeldoorn

Live Recording  in ACEC-Building Apeldoorn

Programme Note

This piece is telling a story of a group of people, about how they found their own position under the unbearable oppression, and be at lost during their searching. Some of them rely on the religion and mysticism, some find sustenance in pretending ignorant, and some create their own fantasy, but all of these end with a meaningless echo.

There are three sections that represent these three different characters, which all of them introduced by a violent passage. And strings instrument function as a narrator who connects all these fragments, make this piece as a whole.