Way to the other shore

for Woodwind Quartet, Brass Trio, Piano and String Quintet

2011, duration: 10′

Note: European Composers’ Professional Development Programme



“Way to the other shore” Recording Released
Released by Huddersfield Contemporary Record 

Performed by Ensemble 10/10, Huddersfield Town Hall



26-01-2013 Contemporain Ensemble HKU o.l.v. Ernest Rombout, Utrecht conservatoire

25-01-2013 Contemporain Ensemble HKU o.l.v. Ernest Rombout,  Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh

15-06-2012 Ensemble 10/10, Contemporary Urban Centre, Race against Time

07-06-2012 Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Orgel Park, Amsterdam composer’s festival

24-11-2011  Ensemble 10/10, Huddersfield Town Hall

Programme Note

Writing Way to the other shore has been a way of searching a mythological place, where reality and imagination are emerged into a flow of sound. This work was inspired by an experience of visiting a Taosim temple, where believers weave together an intricate pattern of monologue, dialogue and chanting.

In this piece, all 13 instruments have been treated like a “silk and bamboo” ensemble in the Chinese tradition music, and the music changing gradually from  pureness and subtle changes to the magnification through the musical process.