Magnified II

for Pipa, Sheng, Zheng, Flute, Alto Sax and Horn

2011, duration: 8′

Note: Atlas Academy


20-11-2011  新風民族室內樂團, Beijing Central Conservatory

02-09-2011  Atlas Academy, Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Live Recording in Conservatorium van Amsterdam at Atlas Academy, 

Lan Weiwei (pipa), Ji Wei (zheng), Wu Wei (sheng), Tsang Yat Ho (Flute)

Henriette Jensen (alto sax), Xavier Fontin (horn)

Programme Note

What are the characteristics of modern China? This question reflected through the composer’s creative process, and this work is not only the pursuit of answers but also that the question itself. In this piece, the ensemble is treated like a machine. Music starts with a simple material, a mechanical image, which spread throughout the piece under the lead of the tone color. Elements of traditional music occasionally inadvertently penetrated, and then twisted ablation in the background, until the end.

甚麼是中國的現代特質?這一思考貫穿作者的創作歷程,而這部作品既是對答案的追求過程,也是這問題本身。於此作品中,不同的樂器構合成一台機器。整首樂曲由一個簡單的音響素材建構而成,並以機械性的形象蔓延擴大,過程中一直存在著音色流變。傳統音樂元素偶爾不經意地滲入,然後又扭曲消融於背景之中,直至尾聲。樂曲對樂器的音色作出了探索,從彈撥樂器右手細微的變化到圓號戲劇式的吹嘴音響,以至到它們之間的不同組合也可在曲中找到。 亦正是它們之間互動構成此音樂的色彩世界。