Brief Bio 

HUI, Tak-Cheung is a Hong Kong-born composer. Over the course of his career, Hui has been awarded numerous prizes include 1st prize in 38th Irino Prize, Chaosflöte Commission Competition 2019, Flex Ensemble Commission Competition 2017, Leibniz Harmonien International Composition Competition 2016, ACC International Composition Competition 2016 and Atlas Ensemble Composition Competition 2014. His recent collaborations include 10/10 Ensemble at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, MDI Ensemble at Composit New Music Festival, Nieuw Ensemble at the Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ’s An Evening of Today, Looptail Ensemble at the Gaudeamus Muziekweeks and TAK Ensemble at Delian Academy. He was also the resident composer of the Ligeti Academy by Asko Schoenberg in 2011 and European Composers’ Professional Development Programme by HCMF in 2012. 

Hui started self-learning guitar and played in a rock band before he started his formal education of music at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and completed his masters’ degree in Composition at Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the supervision of Richard Ayres, Willem Jeths, and Wim Henderickx. During his academic years, he was awarded the Heng Seng Bank Scholarship and The Lions Music Foundation Scholarship. He was given a fellowship from Boston University Center for New Music to pursue a Doctoral degree under the supervision of Alex Mincek and Joshua Fineberg. In 2017-18, he pursued a further degree at IRCAM Cursus under the support of Boston University Research Grants. 

His works have been recorded by the BBC Radio 3 and published by Huddersfield Contemporary Record and Hove Record. The subject of memory has been an important role his compositions in different levels. From the implication of the “false memory” to the exploration of re-embellishment of already ‘embellished’ lives and memories, the composer attempts to create experiences that evoke not only my own memories but also collective memories through combinations of daily life situations and actions that happen in real time outside of the concert hall. 



作曲家許德彰出生於香港,現頻繁穿梭於美國、臺灣、香港三地。其作品曾於 第三十八屆入野賞、Chaosflöte Commission Competition 2019、Flex Ensemble Commission Competiton 2017、Leibniz Harmonien International Composition Competition 2016、ACC International Composition Competition 2016、2014 Atlas Ensemble Composer’s Competition、Est Ovest Festival Call for Score 等國際作曲比賽中獲得首獎。

許德彰曾受利物浦皇家管弦樂團、義大利MDI樂團、Eutopia 樂團、德國 Flex 樂團、韓國TIMF樂團、荷蘭新樂團、Looptail樂團、New European 樂團、荷蘭高地雅慕斯音樂節 (Gaudeamus Muziekweek)、美國Null-State等專業樂團、獨奏家、音樂節委約創作室內樂或多媒體作品。作品曾獲選於英國哈德斯菲德當代音樂節(HCMF)、法國Manifest音樂節、荷蘭高地雅慕斯音樂節、阿姆斯特丹作曲家音樂節、古巴夏灣那現代音樂節、丹麥Suså現代音樂節、韓國統營國際音樂節(TIMF)、光州亞洲文化中心藝術節等國際音樂節中演出。曾合作的專業樂團包括美國JACK 弦樂四重奏、TAK 樂團、 Splinter Reeds、德國Recerche 樂團、 DasNeue 樂團等。

許德彰先後於香港演藝學院及阿姆斯特丹音樂學院完成學士及碩士學位。及後於波士頓大學取得博士學位。並於2017-18年間在波士頓大學藝術硏究補助支持下往法國 IRCAM Cursus研究電子音樂。在學其間曾獲得 Kahn Career Entry Award、波士頓大學音樂學院獎、波士頓新音樂中心獎學金、恒生銀行獎學金及獅子會音樂獎學金等獎項與獎學金。許德彰現為東海大學音樂系專任助理教授,並任教於國立臺灣師範大學。

在近期許德彰的作品中,作曲家嘗試利用虛擬增強現實的概念,將集體記憶的主題進一步發展。例如正在創作以和平島遺址、虎尾糖廠、馬崗石砌屋等等場域作為平台,實踐將音樂考古學與3D 空間聲響模型、物理模型聲音合成、沉浸式音響等不同音樂科技結合,以樂器和電聲重建古代的聲響世界。