Remains for Those Remain (2022)

for human hair, 18 channel sound installation

Premiered – YIRI ARTS Taipei Taiwan, 2022/09/22 – 2022/010/15

Program Note

This project is a collaboration between artist Ting Tong Chang and composer Tak Cheung Hui. In the gallery, there is a large-scale site-specific installation made of hundreds of kilograms of human hair. The overwhelming amount of hair not only creates a landscape, but also resembles a large-scale textile art. In addition, the strong scent of human scalp is also an important part of the work.

Surrounding the installation, the 18 channel sound installation is playing the experimental music produced by Tak. The soundtrack, made specifically for the project, combines of high and low pitch of human voices and creates a unique sensational atmosphere.

Artist:Ting-Tong Chang|Composer: Tak-Cheung HUI |Music Assistant: Chon Ip|Vocal: Chieh-YI Chen、Chih-Chun LIN、Chih-Yun Hsiao|On-site Coordinator: Yueh Chiu|Production assistant: Chih-Han  Liu 、 Yu-Hsuan Liu 、Chia-Jung Wu 、Hsin-Jung Chang 、Jason Chang 、I-D- D、Jia-Siou Jhou、Li-Sheng Kang 、Chun-Shen Wang |Woodwork:Guan-Jhih Chen 、Chia-Wei Huang 、Ching-Tang  Cheng 、Chiu-He Chu |TTC Studios: Ray Wang

photographer: Sean Wang