things that might have been, part I (2019)

for Flute, Electronics, and Video

Premiered – Cheng-Yu Wu, fl., Tin Yun, electronic. Xingchuang 24 -1, Taiwan, January 2019
Other Performance: Melody Chua, fl. & electronics, (only first section) Null-State’s recital, November 20

Cheng-Yu Wu, fl., Tak Cheung Hui, electronic. Xingchuang 24 -1, Boston, April 201

The site-specific work Things that might have been is a synthesis of field recordings of daily life from the 1920’s and processed live ambiance and flute. The music does two things in this work. First, I create a sonic transcription of daily life by making an instrumental re-synthesis of the sounds present in 1920’s Hong Kong and Taipei. In addition to this, the music symbolizes the invisible pressure, constraint, and even oppression that were tolerated by citizens of these countries. In this work, I experiment with the ways that the stories of the underrepresented and oppressed can be discussed in the concert hall.